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"Warriors serpent Z" property and injury Xiangjie

First note that there is no harm in this for half the set floating, no property to float downward air combat situation does not float, like combat injuries, if dZi with property damage hit the float does not float but can exceed air injury

The following attributes are that 10

Ice: Ice 60% damage bonus after living and effective technical ice invalid (Sima Yi R1LR1, far from Lu Chi C3-1 property that comes with the effect of ice or to Iceman's)

Yang: van concluded that 30% of the large addition

Very Italian: 40% bonus

Courageous: 40% bonus

Nagging one, the addition is connected by relationships, rather than base damage bonus after independent superposition. For example, a property C technology, with 20 plus 60% of enhanced X-type, 20 special 60% bonus to strengthen, then attach a 10-pole 10-yong, it should be the base damage 脳 1.6 脳 1.6 脳 1.4 脳 1.4

Chop: Add the enemy 10% of the current blood damage. Note that this is a "plus", is an independent part of the injury, special effects, other properties, as well as Liu Bei and Yuan Shao Ares ax R1 buff like the addition of cut will not hurt, that is,

Damage algorithm should be: based on a variety of injuries 脳 additive (with x) + cut injuries (10% of the enemy the current blood) (Monkey show the relevant sense Xiefeng Chen test)

Happening: The enemy has been floating plus 60%

Technology-based generals C Technical float damage bonus: The enemy has been floating 100% bonus

This is often called the "technology-based native Happening." Attention to technology-based military officer comes dZi and weapons can be superimposed on the Happening, is still connected by way of superposition, that is 脳 2 脳 1.6, not 脳 2.6; other technology-based military officer's own dZi C technology as long as they can deploy Even if no attribute C technology can also be.

Ray: van big conclusion has already been given, 10 mine is an addition 30%. But can be found that if mine play with a group of people, damage will be very unstable. If one to one case, the injury is stable, but the addition of mine, or more than 30% higher (and yang can be compared). There is also a phenomenon

Ray launched into 1combo is considered, such as Air / C3 non-cloned play with mine a single person, but apparently only 9-type is displayed as 10combo. Also, if not only been hit by moves to mine infection can also see the injury of blood. So it can be concluded, addition of 30% of the mine in addition to the injury, but also there is an additional harm, let's call it lightning damage, when more than one person playing multiple infections can cause many lightning injuries.

After further testing, when the mine property to launch an enemy on every hit to produce a visual effect not determined, in bulletdata in number is 075, the power factor of 2, not death. Moves against state changes (not float moves into a slow down, floating air moves into a stationary low float) is determined by the additional effect. As for the so-called infection, is to be produced by the enemy side effects of lightning hit. To note here - lightning effects can be weapons bonuses of! Power factor as the basis of only two small injuries, so very brave like Italy that the addition of lightning injury is no longer meaningful, but it can add chopped property enough. Therefore, the 10 mine is only 30% of the significance of the damage bonus, but also provide at least one more likely to attribute launch.

Combat skills is not infectious and can be hit when a lightning, but when the general effect of technology is not infectious and can not be hit by lightning, the thunder Tachibana C6 with single people are still just 6combo, enemy is still giddy state. However, the effect of technology to play more than one person, we still have the opportunity to obtain additional properties through the transmission of launch. If you own property is another property with the effects of weapons technology, such as the Wu Kingdom R1, Dian Wei R3, Sun City, R4, C2-F and other women endure, mine will not happen transmission.

Cloned: cloned with properties not say is not accurate. 10 cloned the basis of injury and body against the same, and Lei Yang Yong cut very broken, and technology-based native Happening in addition also can enjoy. But Ray, the cloned mine property can only enjoy 30% bonus with no additional lightning damage.

Descendents of harm to non-10 were: 10 脳 cloned cloned damage Lv 脳 10%

As mentioned above, cut injury is independent and free from all kinds of factors in addition, but the cloned injury last 10 cloned Lv amendment is to modify the overall damage, so the cloned less than 10, then sub-cut body injury the same will be crippled.

Cloned from cyclone-hit area addition.

Another effect of technology cloned invalid, that we all know.

Single property and technology to combat the problem will not install Happening

First, the so-called "mine Happening", which means "Thunder will launch dZi launch, regardless of whether the enemy can launch floating Happening" theory, regardless of the PS2 is not true, the PC is certainly not correct , single property of Ray and play ground equipment Happening with the enemy, dZi which can not be hit on the addition of injury.

Then the properties of single combat skills has no use loading Happening? If this attack can make enemies float, then the fitted points behind, cloned in the attack which could be dZi addition. Specific example, Air / fitted cloned and Happening, the Happening on the descendents of C1C4 combat the onset, but his C3, as body can not make enemies float against empty (regardless of Ray equipment is not installed), so Happening C3 is invalid on the descendents of combat.

Again discussed, if a single attribute of the generals against technology installed main Lei Yang chopped very distracted after the spin, leaving a property or equipment dZi brave good? Brave fight simultaneously on the body and cloned a 40% increase against percent, while the dZi only hit in the body floating under the premise that 60% of the cloned anti addition. Type the generals on the force-type speed, the more obvious advantages of bravery, but as I said before cutting off the enemy by the current physical injury is calculated, when the body against damage equipment dZi low residual strength over the enemy to combat, therefore cloned harm than the cut when the mounted fierce attacks when the cloned high-cut injury, after taking into account this brave not much higher than the Happening also. And force-based speed-type properties are usually single combat skills can not be a second person, (Zhen Ji C4 of this super power factor as well as the first female tolerance R1 plus the state of exception, etc.) whether the two can be off loaded brave mounted Happening Therefore, the installation does not matter which. On technology-based military officer, having regard to technology and technology-based C floating damage bonus, respectively, 1.4 +1.4 脳 2 and 1 +2 脳 1.6, damage is almost non-cut, then cut the same reason to consider the difference between injury, dZi has advantage. In fact, technology-based military commanders if they can give up one of the brave dZi cyclone rapidly mounted on cobble together Lei Yang Yong-min break cut seven plus extremely offensive attributes, then one can choose a direct air or air flight C star excited difficult technical spike public face. (Argentine C4-1 is an exception, the power factor can not afford to lower seconds, but she can first burst R1 ~)

Proficiency and the impact of exclusive props to injury

Proficiency on the R technology, the power-based military commanders of nirvana, the generals of the two speed type martial, a military general, technology-based skills EXC SP counter and technology skills affect the injury, the other technical skills and general C had no effect on injuries.

Proficiency equivalent to the exclusive prop up a cell, such as proficiency with the exclusive eight-nine grid of dummy equal proficiency without exclusive props.

Each cell technology proficiency bonus damage on R 4 percent. Proficiency has been considered a 0 cells, addition of 4%; proficiency MAX plus exclusive props, equivalent to 10 cells, addition of 40%.

However, the technology-based military commanders and C the same effect as the effect of technology skills do not enjoy this class EXC addition, as the three generals of the R5, R3 Third Afghan-style. (Sun City, R4 and C4 are different effects, R4 can enjoy the proficiency bonus)

There are also a handful of exceptions do not enjoy this addition: Dong Zhuo R1, R1, and counter-Xin Xuan, Ningning LR1, on British R1, Cao LR1, 3 into R1, Nobunaga counter, counter Zhuge Liang, Zhang Jiao counter, helped the girl counterattack, Huang counterattack. Cao Ren R2 only those under arrest addition, the effect of blowing flying skills without addition.

Technology-based military commanders on the EXC Technology

If the EXC and technology to fight technology, the power factor than the C and Technology, in general, C technology power factor of 12, three military officers and party agents from the Warring States Period 12 EXC technical power factor of 24, the Warring States Period 8, the power coefficient of Technology side generals EXC 14. If the EXC technology for effective technology, as a result of natural power coefficient and C the same technology. (Ibid., Sun City, R4 and C4 is not the same effect, R4 effects of power factor than the effect of high and comes with inflammation C4)

Descendents of technology come questions about EXC. First of all, descendents of weapons technology attributes EXC invalid. EXC comes with a cloned technology appears, but the EXC descendents of technology comes with only visual effect, only count as one hit, rather than body + cloned two hit. Zhao Yun Lei and cloned equipment, C4 blown away, and R4 is starting a small float, this is the proof. In addition, unparalleled in the process of being descendents of the cloned and EXC as purely visual effects, and the profound meaning of the Warring States Period characters in the Warriors use the same weapons and technology C descendents of property is invalid.

Because only a hit count, so do not usually appear C EXC technology skills that are too high due to rapid disappearance of harm caused cloned determine the situation of instability.

For the very brave these attributes in terms of meaning, because even by related, high power factor and low power factor hit a two strike can be no different.

But Happening is not the case with the cut. Earlier on said that if a C technology can make enemies float, then you can split themselves up against the dZi onset, but EXC technology, only one hit will not be able to enjoy dZi natural increase became the same time, no technology Type C Technical float into injury increases. C1 R1 and cloned by Zhao Yun example, although the power coefficient C1 R1 twice, then count proficiency MAX props and exclusive 40% bonus, be 2.8 times the damage, but 2.8 is still less than 1 +2, let alone 1 +2 脳 1.6 of the. As for the cut, blow hit the distinction between the two is more obvious that EXC will cost additional time and technology cut injury. Taken together, Zhao Yun Lei Yang chopped broken equipment Yong grade, and strengthen the special enhanced with technology-based, C1 can be difficult to five-star general public direct spike excited face, and then bring slay even enhanced, R1 can only make the majority of the public face empty of blood (less the public face of the kind of civil service type can be seconds). Warring parties Generals 8 EXC technology to increase the power factor not much more than a cloned C.


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CAD world, Shangri-La

"Shangri-La", mysterious and poetic dream world is a desirable place. "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" drawings for the mechanical characteristics of the common plane mapping software, will be boring into fun, the "machine" into the art world here seems to have become a graphic of "Shangri-La."

Civilian style

Shown in Figure 1, into the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" interface, you can clearly feel the AutoCAD style.

Figure 1 Shangri-La CAD interface

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" drawing step more in line with traditional, beginner CAD Some people may be more accustomed. After several steps to complete a drawing on the drawing. Includes determining the size of drawings, select the type of border and binding, positioning the baseline and the use of the toolbar or menu command draw, edit, modify graphics.

Learn and use the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" simple, but the software's functionality is not weak, rendering mechanical parts and assembly drawings are very handy.

Figure 2 form with the usual graphical

In short, the software can see the background with the school, reflecting the developers and the teaching of drawing skill and careful pondering attitude.

The most admirable 4:00

1. To help enrich and complete

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" software CD-ROM only about 30M of space, the other a few megahertz multimedia software for learning materials in a variety of software systems that are rare,

2. Practical, "Structure and Gallery"

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" in the "structure and Gallery" menu bar is the "mechanical" characteristics of the important elements, it provides a standard parts library although not to mention a wide range, but very useful.

3. Photo-text applications

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" menu item in a column called "Form", and the earlier Microsoft Word menu bar of the same name is almost the same nature. This also reflects the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" for the text editing service is very important.

4. Text, size of the batch changes

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" provides the bulk editing text, dimensions variable function, can be more than one text, size, engineering mark in the font, size and so unified.

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" is not worthy of improvement has no place, such as 3D features. The problem is positioning relative to its user base and its corresponding cost, "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" is almost close to perfect.

Domestic CAD market trends

Throughout the development of the domestic market situation of CAD, probably can be summarized as the following:

1, two-dimensional CAD software to maintain stable growth in demand

Due to lower prices, but domestic CAD software is very mature technology, service level gradually increased, so companies in the CAD project, will increase the two-dimensional CAD software, CAD software, in particular the use of domestic volume.

Second, rapid growth of demand for three-dimensional modeling software

On the one hand, users of three-dimensional understanding of enhanced software functionality; the other hand, provides three-dimensional CAD software companies will greatly enhance the propaganda.

Third, CAPP, PDM and other enterprise software will be the hot buy

Manufacturing enterprises are no longer satisfied with simple "rejection drawing board" work, but strive to realize the modernization of technology sector. Therefore, this year will be the CAPP software company purchased one of the hotspots. CAD technology enables storage needed to store previous drawings and technical information into an electronic map document. How to effectively manage plan documents, plan documents to ensure easy retrieval and statistical summary, the enterprise is vital, and this created a huge demand for PDM software.

Fourth, SMEs demand on the CAD technology

CAD software market increased steadily in recent years, the price gradually reduce to the past, only state-owned large and medium enterprises to apply the CAD software, has now become a hot application for SMEs. Software companies have proposed various solutions for SMEs. The use of CAD software, many SMEs have achieved good results. CAD software on the expected demand for small and medium enterprises will be further expanded.

CAXA "step ahead"

CAXA is not a very good understanding of the word, Beihang Haier own description is: CAX refers to arbitrary, individualized computer-aided design and product, followed by A-ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD for the English abbreviation of the overall meaning is "one step ahead of the computer assistive technology and products. "

Simple interface

CAXA leading spirit when more is reflected in its three-dimensional software for two-dimensional electronic drawing board, more detailed work is needed, really and truly bring more convenience to users.

Simple interface and toolbar

"CAXA electronic board V2" start soon, with low hardware requirements that the starting point is associated. CAXA to take care of the low profile of the small screen, its arrangements for menus and toolbars, and Office of the toolbar style is quite similar.

Excellent data exchange capabilities

In the "computer drawing board," made for a class of two-dimensional CAD software, "CAXA electronic board V2" data exchange capabilities be excellent. CAXA full support for AutoCAD 12.0 ~ 2000 version of dwg, dxf files, support for IGES files; can read WMF, HPGL graphics file; can read the data generated in text form. Dat file.


"CAXA electronic board V2" There are three useful tools included: "CAXA Print layout", "CAXA File Browser", "CAXA drawing management." Drawing management program can automatically generate product tree can also be manually generated, and to edit, query, statistics and other operations.

Standards and Standardization

CAXA electronic board V2 full support for the latest national standards, and adopted a national standard of review of mechanical CAD. Software meet the national standard frame, title bar, list, text annotation, dimensioning and annotation of other projects, thus ensuring a comprehensive standardization of the design process.

"One step ahead" is the slogan of CAXA, common people, nuanced, full of affinity, the trial "CAXA electronic board V2" when deep feelings.

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How far are we from lean manufacturing?

I wonder if you find one-stop administrative service center to provide services to really improve the efficiency, eliminating the need to run a lot of times we tend to go to the trouble of different departments for approval seal. Administrative Service Center as a production unit, which work in various departments of the window like a station ordered a water-based production facilities, need to handle the matter according to the order flow of the production process. This is the lean thinking in the life of an example.

I. What is Lean Thinking

Any enterprise must follow a formula: Price - Cost = Profit. High cost, and profits will be less, the lack of cash flow business, at any time are likely to be killed by knife. Why are short of money? For coming few more flowers out, but also because of their money into dead money, do not add value in the flow, the result can only be less and less. To overcome adversity, continued profitability, operators and finding ways to cut expenditure, with lean thinking and tools, through internal potential to transform, optimize logistics and improve operational efficiency and profitability.

In short, lean thinking is to eliminate all waste, with minimal input for maximum output, with the best quality and lowest cost products to the market demand to make the most rapid response. Is the core of Lean thinking to help companies achieve on-demand production, lean manufacturing, flexible response, which is the highest state of corporate governance. It is because of the market economy from a seller's market into a buyer's market, consumer demand showed more variety, small batches, quick delivery of the key features of "lean" becomes an inevitable choice for more and more enterprises have formed a unique Features production management system. People all know that mass production can reduce product unit cost, high volume production process actually caused a lot of waste, if the inventory cost, obsolescence risk, market risk, added together, the total cost is not necessarily the lowest. Dell's strong words against IBM, the most powerful weapon is that lean production and zero inventory. Toyota, by lean production methods, with small, cheap, fuel-efficient Toyota beat big, heavy American car, the world's most profitable car company. Today, lean thinking has gradually penetrated into all sectors of manufacturing industries, is changing the way people work and quality of life.

Second, lean thinking work

1, determine the value

All human economic activities in order to "benefit" as the guidance, this "interest" is "value." Can not increase the value of any work of all costs is waste, ultimately reflected in the price paid by the customer, the customer certainly hope that such waste and the less the better. Therefore, the evaluation of a work does not "value" is not a producer has the final say is buyers have the final say, customers that value the value. However, in life, and sellers want to give our customers often do not match, such as people want to travel a reasonable price, the fastest speed, safe destination, and passenger transport companies in order to "economy" is usually so filled with a vehicles were then taken, and some do not take the highway in order to save travel expenses, wasted a lot of time travelers. Lean thinking is reflect a customer-centric values and the concept of market-driven, our enterprises, were extended widely all products, services, the providers have to meet the customer Xuqiu for the First, Special yes Yuanlishichang of personnel (such as R & D) should stand in the customer standpoint, rethink and determine the value.

2, identify the value stream

This step is to look at products or services provided throughout the process, which is valuable and what is worthless. No value waste everywhere, but we often turn a blind eye. To bank transfer only three minutes, but may have to queue for half an hour; air flights for an hour, and spent security, terminal and aircraft delays in time often two or three hours; a can of Coca-Cola, to extract aluminum from aluminum ore, made of aluminum cans, to the customer to buy a Coke at home, on average, spend 319 days of the time, but the actual value of the time only three days, a lot of time spent on raw materials and semi-finished goods storage and transportation. In fact, much more waste than we imagined.

Toyota summarizes several common plant waste: first, manufacturing waste too much too soon; second, waiting for the waste; third, handling of waste; Fourth, over-processing waste; Fifth, the backlog of waste inventory ; the sixth, the operation moves the waste; the seventh, leading to rework such a waste of quality defects. Take the handling, it is an action does not produce value, resulting in equipment, manpower and space consumption. Many people think that non-removal how to do the following work? Lean thinking that if the upstream and downstream equipment moved in together, an intermediate product processed immediately moved to the second process, we can eliminate waste handling. Waste handling or very common, such as empty-handed, walking, bending, turning, stiff, repetitive motion, and unnecessary, according to statistics half of the operating action is void, and are due to staff caused by bad habits and strict examination . In the above waste of these common, some are pure waste, it will not do any business and customer benefits, such as waiting and handling, should be the total elimination of such waste; others are necessary to waste, while it did not create for the customer value, but it is now essential for many businesses, such detection. Toyota had a famous saying: Even the dry towel, as long as they use their brains can squeeze water. By finding and eliminating waste, can bring huge benefits for enterprises.

In life, 28 theory tells us that we do one thing often do a lot of wasted effort, which is a waste of useful work. The principles of lean production is simple, simple is often the most effective. Learn lean thinking, help us grasp the essence, the core focus to the most direct and simple way to achieve their objectives. For enterprises, should be good at subtraction, know how to give up, such as streamlining the organization and overstaffed, simplify the approval process, the core competencies can not contribute to the formation of all cut or outsource the business and so on, these are the actual lean thinking application. Special to note is that it is competition among enterprises has evolved into a competition between the supply chain, so recognize value from the Zheng Ge Supply Lian Er Fei Liu a single enterprise of Jiao Dulai review and to eliminate waste, to pursue Zhengtizuiyou, Er Bu just a local optimum.

3, flow up

Once defined value, came out with a product or service value stream map, eliminating the obvious waste, then we must make preserved, mobile value-creating steps up. Hinge Does Not Stick, running water is never stale. The traditional production is extensive, large volume means waiting and a lot of backlog in the products, lean production is intensive, and according to the order processing equipment, the production team to manufacture small quantities of Mobile, eliminating the stagnation of the process , waste handling and inventory, so that production became smooth and flexible to adapt to the changing market. Ancient Imperial Concubine Yang eat lychees, lychee quickly transported to the South of Chang'an, by way of horse relay, which is a continuous flow of small quantities, is the embodiment of lean thinking.

In order to eliminate pauses to achieve "trickle down" type of production, must have the quick die technology, to enable smooth flow switch operation, must be balanced production schedule, to avoid uneven distribution of people and machines busy, full time when hunger. Lean's "Mobile" thinking tells us that many Chinese enterprises management strategy is based on maintaining the status quo, however, growing enterprises, the changing external environment, or take the old approach to new problems, of course, go wrong. The growing enterprises, the reaction is getting slower and slower, so split and simplified through the revitalization of (small boat U-turn), to hinder the flow of the value of the "wall" all removed, then the value chain tension, make the production close to market, supply close to the production, eliminating the need for intermediate transfer of the waste, so that the rapid flow of value to the customer hands.

4, on-demand pull

Let's take a look to cook it. Before cooking and buying materials, bought much of the occupation of funds, up a long time, then bad, buy less afraid that time of the necessary fuel. How many meals do not a good control over the rest do, do not eat less, it depends entirely on the forecasts and experience of housewives. In fact, the forecasts are often unreliable. Production has also the same reason, we arrange production is forecast to plan, not more is less, but not necessarily the customers want, cause a lot of waste. Plan not keep up with changes in case of sudden changes in customer demand, or temporary insertion orders, production is often caught off guard. The lean production is demand driven, only when needed to provide the necessary products, small lot, no earlier no later. As with home tap water, if necessary turn on the tap water flow coming from upstream immediately at any time to use at any time, with the number on the check number, no stocking, do not have to wait.

We are in the supermarket, when the goods through the checkout barcode scanning, the system put the record sales, the supermarket will be added at any time of goods that have already sold. Downstream processes such as customer processes as extracting goods from upstream, upstream suppliers the same process as the demand for production of goods only, whether to add or to-order. Factory production, demand pull through Kanban (pass the information carrier) transmission of information, from the last process step by step forward and pull the production process has been driven to the purchasing department. Although many plants use billboards, but did not get the same benefits as the Toyota, because the rules do not implement the billboards to the site: According to the collar material extracted Kanban, Kanban based production work, no billboards can not have a material can not work, signage must be physical with (logistics and information flow does not separate), not after the bad product to the process. To be clear, Kanban is a tool for continuous improvement. Lean production cycle of the ideal situation is synchronized with market demand, gradually reduce and ultimately eliminate billboards, so that each process only one in the product, truly a stream of production, starting from the feed as a continuous flow like water customers.

5, the pursuit of perfection

Lean is a long march, a never-ending improvement process. No change there would be no leap. From mass production to lean production, as enterprises evolve from one stage to another stage, will experience some pain, from quantitative to qualitative change, eventually pupate into a butterfly. Change will encounter resistance, as long as the direction of good, sustained, they form the habit, more solutions than problems.

Lean thinking that as long as taking the right approach, continuous improvement is to spend little or no cost, fully rely on internal potential to transform the layout pursuit of perfection, but also does not delay production because it can move at night or during lunch time machine . Improve compliance "PDCA" (Plan, Do, Check, improvement) cycle, the standardization of operation from the start site, to find ways to eliminate waste. In continuous improvement, there is a halt or even have back, so lean improvement is difficult to upholding. Even if the improvement results achieved, we must stick with it, which as we have recovered after a period of time have to adhere to taking medications to prevent disease rebound and response. Also, a flower does not make spring, the improvement can not be limited to lean inside the factory, enterprises should also be new ways, new upstream and downstream of outreach to every part of Da Zao lean enterprise and lean supply chain of joint operations, the real a vertical and horizontal to the sea aircraft carrier fleet.

Third, how to implement lean thinking

Bing uncertain situation, the water has no fixed form. Enterprises in implementing lean thinking there is no fixed pattern, it is important in light of where the local business, product and product characteristics of the object, the production form of organization, and many other specific circumstances, local conditions, a gradual improvement of the implementation of Lean. To some extent, lean is not just philosophy, but also a practice. Mass production have a strong desire to have each and every machine busy, it seems to boom. Cadres engaged in fire fighting, it seems That makes sense of their own authority and importance. Lean thinking is not opposed to busy, but against the bustle, chaos and no value is busy busy, that the "spirit" is a means and process, "Yi" is the goals and results.

Everything people, lean successes and failures because the human element, can be described as also people who are lost. The key to the implementation of lean thinking from a human point of view, to encourage the effective implementation of all staff to improve. Staff may be concerned that the implementation of Lean and unemployment, may also be because of years of work habits to the exclusion of Lean, own some stubborn and do not support the management of cadres and lean, they tend to adhere to usual practice, did not want to change. So, start thinking lean concern the interests, caring for people's needs, recognize the people are all inert. Therefore, to enhance understanding, reduce the resistance, and training to first, start with leadership training began, so that they truly realize the concept of lean, methods and benefits, so that the leadership was determined, and then tissue levels of study and training staff. Lean forward on the nail in the household, not-for-thought on the substitutions, which business leaders if not the determination, courage and persistence, destined to give up halfway.

Lean 5S is the foundation of the main train employees good working habits, the early implementation of Lean 5S management from start to implement on-site. Encourage all staff from the scene found the problem, make recommendations for improvement, managers have to the scene, together with staff to solve the problem. From the overall value stream rather than just the production process to sort out the business process and accurately determine the value, and then re-production process. Optimize the entire process of production organization, MRP and lean as the brain and reflex neural complementary and can not be too one-sided emphasis on the role of Kanban management neglect the role of MRP planning systems. In the implementation of lean processes, you can plant a region first flow in small batches production, do pull-type production system, and then a balanced production and standardization of operations, will not only play their roles, establishing confidence in staff, but also can sum up experience, which will help to better promote the use of. In the end, so Lean Thinking into corporate culture, forming a thick atmosphere, and to support performance evaluation mechanism for optimizing logistics, reduced working hours, were evaluated to improve the quality and promote cost reduction and productivity enhancement.

Results from the implementation perspective, the promotion of enterprise Lean harmony, stability and sustainable development. Lean not to lay off for the purpose, on the contrary, the business can absorb the excess staff development, lean manufacturing so that employees become generalists, employees in the work experience to grow and fun, useful for team morale and cohesion of enterprises improved. Lean is not blind to require suppliers to cut prices, or selfishly pushed the risk and pressure to the supplier, but to help suppliers improve their management, together to eliminate waste, so the price is to reduce the supply, to the establishment of long-term relationship and improve supplier quality.

I had been thinking, should be strong first, do big, and only strong first, to enlarge. For those Xiangponaodai loopholes, tax evasion, or run relationships, speculation secure personal gain of the business enterprise, lean thinking provides a long-term plan for enterprise development, that is able to realistically practice internal strength, strong first do a large, This is also the policy of building society saving trend. In short, if you want in the fierce market environment to remain competitive, if you want to further explore areas of development 浼佷笟 achieve higher performance, or difficult to maintain if you want to get rid of the situation, then from now on, towards the lean target action, believe that Lean will help more Chinese companies to success.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shanghai university graduates overall employment rate of 07 97.25%

Reporter learned yesterday from the City Education Department: City of College Graduates in 2007 of 14.3 million people, at the end of Statistics, City University graduates in 2007 was 97.25% of total employment, employment rate and a slight increase over the same period of 2006 .

Employment rate gap between different education "fuzzy"

In 2007, a total of 143,000 university graduates in Shanghai than in 2006, an increase of 1.4 million, an increase of 11%. Graduate students of which 2.5 million people, 6.3 million graduates, graduates of 5.5 million people.

Statistics show that "higher education, higher employment rate" phenomenon remains the same, but different education levels of graduate employment rate gap is not significant. In 2007 the city was 98.43% graduate employment graduate, undergraduate employment rate 97.22%, 96.77% employment rate of junior college students.

Why the employment rate gap between the "fuzzy"? Educators believe that shows through the university's employment, all graduates of all academic levels, better positioning themselves, choose their own positions. Many employers before the election

No longer "the only academic theory", but consider the applicant's actual ability, to the right people in the right position. It also sends a signal: do not graduate, "the emperor daughter mentality," they often have in employment and low first-degree graduates compete with Taiwan; and junior college students as long as there are real skills, the same can be displayed in the job competition their own advantages.

According to the municipal labor and social security bureau of statistics, in September last year, Shanghai city a total of 3241 fresh biogenic unemployment of college graduates apply for registration. These graduates in county government and the help of labor and social security departments, participated in various forms of vocational training or employment counseling, job many people are now implemented.

28% of the primary jobs for graduates

Statistics show that Shanghai primary employment for college graduates and high enthusiasm for their own businesses.

Last year, the city government scholarships to award funding for difficult areas of employment of college graduates reached 2.06 million yuan. Shanghai last year for the primary employment of college graduates about 4 million people, accounting for 28% of the total graduates. The city a total of 2092 college graduates participate in the "3 of a help" (to support education, agriculture, supporting doctors and poverty alleviation) program, an increase of more than 1,000 people, finally officially admitted 424.

More than 800 volunteers, college graduates join the western plan, with basically the same as in 2006, of which 191 were formally admitted. As of last year, the city technology college graduates apply for college students on more than 740 venture projects, approved 237, the actual investment of more than 3,000 yuan. The number and quality of projects involved in business are better than last year.

Some students with financial difficulties, due to employability and social resources and so lacking experience, "Employment." All colleges and universities through the "hands", "a gang of one", "special help", "employment green channel" and other means of employment assistance activities for students with difficulties in providing personalized employment counseling, and recommend and assist to focus.

Meanwhile, in the city, county, and the university system, people with disabilities work together, the city of disabled college graduates of all basically employment. Such as Shanghai Normal University last two years, nine visually impaired students to help the parties concerned about the job smoothly.

Employment in public service network "easily accessible"

Shanghai why the employment rate of college graduates can keep in the "high"? City departments to enhance public services work together to build the central, vertical connections in Shanghai and universities, education, personnel, labor and social security departments of the university graduates lateral Public Health and employment information service network system. Last year, the City Board of Education City College Graduates relying on the establishment of job recruitment information network two-way channel, collected and published nearly 18,000 employers demand posts information on 128 000.

To enhance professional development education teaching staff, City Board of Education has established 18 career teaching college students training base, has organized more than 70 teachers participated in the training. Municipal Personnel Bureau launched the "National Employment Service job market graduates Week" cum in Shanghai from customers, organizing special recruitment will be more than 20 games, launched the recruitment post more than 20,000. Municipal labor and social security system in the "Shanghai Public Job Network" set up a network of recruiting graduates platform, launched the "Public Employment Service on Campus" as the theme of the special activities for graduates to provide vocational training, social insurance , business support, career planning, and related consulting services, held more than 40 special recruitment will provide nearly 30,000 job recruitment. City Board of Education and the Municipal Labor Security Bureau, is actively promoting the university, "Professional Certification" system, and their integration into the training areas of government subsidies, so that graduates in the job market more competitive.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

On the Sasser worm pleaded guilty to 19-year-old faces 5 years to prison

NEW YORK, July 6 hearing last year, "Sasser" (Sasser) worm swept across the scene of the terrorist network still is fresh in my memory. July 5, worm authors, 19-year-old Jonsson (Sven Jaschan) a court in Germany for data manipulation, computer system damage and interfere with the company pleaded guilty to charges of business. He could face five years in prison and penalties for financial compensation.

Last year in May from the onset of the "Sasser" worm spread through Microsoft's Windows operating system, affecting the world's 100 million households, or to the computer. Victims and even the British Coast Guard, the European Union headquarters and renowned institutions such as Goldman Sachs. Some securities companies will be referred to as the history of "mass destruction" the largest network virus.

Jonsson is a Microsoft offering a reward of 250,000 U.S. dollars raised after the arrest. Since last year, when the crime under 18 years old, July 5 trial is not open to the public. Prosecutors in court on the trial expressed satisfaction with the progress and possible decision to disclose Thursday (July 7) to make.

Prosecutors said that in addition to a maximum up to 5 years imprisonment, Jonsson users also need to compensate the loss. However, there have been reported economic losses have reached 13 million euros, if the rest of the world users claim for compensation, compensation payments will reach astronomical figures. The Jonsson how that compensation is unknown.

It was reported earlier Jonsson has admitted before the "Sasser" series his "masterpiece", his "work" there NetSky virus. He is believed to the preparation of these viruses are intended to identify and "kill" the other virus.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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