Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shanghai university graduates overall employment rate of 07 97.25%

Reporter learned yesterday from the City Education Department: City of College Graduates in 2007 of 14.3 million people, at the end of Statistics, City University graduates in 2007 was 97.25% of total employment, employment rate and a slight increase over the same period of 2006 .

Employment rate gap between different education "fuzzy"

In 2007, a total of 143,000 university graduates in Shanghai than in 2006, an increase of 1.4 million, an increase of 11%. Graduate students of which 2.5 million people, 6.3 million graduates, graduates of 5.5 million people.

Statistics show that "higher education, higher employment rate" phenomenon remains the same, but different education levels of graduate employment rate gap is not significant. In 2007 the city was 98.43% graduate employment graduate, undergraduate employment rate 97.22%, 96.77% employment rate of junior college students.

Why the employment rate gap between the "fuzzy"? Educators believe that shows through the university's employment, all graduates of all academic levels, better positioning themselves, choose their own positions. Many employers before the election

No longer "the only academic theory", but consider the applicant's actual ability, to the right people in the right position. It also sends a signal: do not graduate, "the emperor daughter mentality," they often have in employment and low first-degree graduates compete with Taiwan; and junior college students as long as there are real skills, the same can be displayed in the job competition their own advantages.

According to the municipal labor and social security bureau of statistics, in September last year, Shanghai city a total of 3241 fresh biogenic unemployment of college graduates apply for registration. These graduates in county government and the help of labor and social security departments, participated in various forms of vocational training or employment counseling, job many people are now implemented.

28% of the primary jobs for graduates

Statistics show that Shanghai primary employment for college graduates and high enthusiasm for their own businesses.

Last year, the city government scholarships to award funding for difficult areas of employment of college graduates reached 2.06 million yuan. Shanghai last year for the primary employment of college graduates about 4 million people, accounting for 28% of the total graduates. The city a total of 2092 college graduates participate in the "3 of a help" (to support education, agriculture, supporting doctors and poverty alleviation) program, an increase of more than 1,000 people, finally officially admitted 424.

More than 800 volunteers, college graduates join the western plan, with basically the same as in 2006, of which 191 were formally admitted. As of last year, the city technology college graduates apply for college students on more than 740 venture projects, approved 237, the actual investment of more than 3,000 yuan. The number and quality of projects involved in business are better than last year.

Some students with financial difficulties, due to employability and social resources and so lacking experience, "Employment." All colleges and universities through the "hands", "a gang of one", "special help", "employment green channel" and other means of employment assistance activities for students with difficulties in providing personalized employment counseling, and recommend and assist to focus.

Meanwhile, in the city, county, and the university system, people with disabilities work together, the city of disabled college graduates of all basically employment. Such as Shanghai Normal University last two years, nine visually impaired students to help the parties concerned about the job smoothly.

Employment in public service network "easily accessible"

Shanghai why the employment rate of college graduates can keep in the "high"? City departments to enhance public services work together to build the central, vertical connections in Shanghai and universities, education, personnel, labor and social security departments of the university graduates lateral Public Health and employment information service network system. Last year, the City Board of Education City College Graduates relying on the establishment of job recruitment information network two-way channel, collected and published nearly 18,000 employers demand posts information on 128 000.

To enhance professional development education teaching staff, City Board of Education has established 18 career teaching college students training base, has organized more than 70 teachers participated in the training. Municipal Personnel Bureau launched the "National Employment Service job market graduates Week" cum in Shanghai from customers, organizing special recruitment will be more than 20 games, launched the recruitment post more than 20,000. Municipal labor and social security system in the "Shanghai Public Job Network" set up a network of recruiting graduates platform, launched the "Public Employment Service on Campus" as the theme of the special activities for graduates to provide vocational training, social insurance , business support, career planning, and related consulting services, held more than 40 special recruitment will provide nearly 30,000 job recruitment. City Board of Education and the Municipal Labor Security Bureau, is actively promoting the university, "Professional Certification" system, and their integration into the training areas of government subsidies, so that graduates in the job market more competitive.

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